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My journal? Well...

My journal? Well, I never really started out to have a journal. I discovered the entire concept of fanfic less than two years ago. A few months and lots of reading later, an idea for a story popped up in my mind, so I wrote it out. Then it seemed like the next thing to do was to post the story on an LJ list where I'd read similar stories, which in turn required that I sign up for LJ. I did that, figuring that the story-writing thing would be pretty much a one-time event.


A week ago I signed up for AO3 - which has the advantage of not requiring that you break up longer stories, LJ has a 64 KB limit - and reposted everything there. I was a bit startled to end up with a list of 23 "works." I feel a bit like one of these people who adopts a stray cat and then another stray cat and then the next thing they know, the health department's pounding on the door because the neighbours are complaining about the two dozen cats!

Anyway, the entire "cat colony" is available at http://archiveofourown.org/users/RosiePaw/works.


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